Medicare Plan D (Medicare Supplement) (Medigap Insurance)

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Medigap Plan D: What You Need to Know

If you’re over the age of 65, you’ve probably heard about Medicare. But what is it, exactly? In short, Medicare is a health insurance program for seniors that covers a variety of medical expenses. One of the most popular plans available under Medicare is Medigap Plan D. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Medigap Plan D covers and why it’s an excellent option for seniors.

What Does Medigap Plan D Cover?

Medigap Plan D covers a variety of different medical expenses, including hospital stays and doctor visits. Specifically, it pays for Part A coinsurance (up to 365 days after original Medicare coverage runs out) and Part B coinsurance or copayments (up to 100% of approved amounts). It also pays for skilled nursing facility care coinsurance as well as hospice care coinsurance or copayment. Lastly, Medigap Plan D also pays for three pints of blood each year (after your annual deductible has been met).

In addition to these standard expenses, Medigap Plan D also offers some additional coverage options. These include coverage for foreign travel exchange (up to 80% of approved amounts) as well as at-home recovery services (limited to $1,500 per benefit period).

Why Should Seniors Choose Medigap Plan D?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Medigap Plan D is that it offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. For seniors on a fixed income or those with limited financial resources, having access to comprehensive medical coverage can make all the difference in the world when it comes to their peace of mind and overall wellbeing. Additionally, since Medigap Plans are standardized throughout the country and regulated by both state and federal governments, seniors can be confident that they are getting quality coverage no matter which plan they choose.

For senior citizens turning 65 who are looking for comprehensive medical coverage without breaking the bank, Medigap Plan D is an excellent option. This plan offers broad coverage that includes hospital stays and doctor visits as well as some additional benefits such as foreign travel exchange and at-home recovery services. Seniors can rest assured knowing that their medical needs will be taken care of with this plan while still staying within their budget. Ultimately, this makes choosing Medigap Plan D a no-brainer for many seniors!

Common Questions about Medigap Plan D