Medicare Plan B (Medicare Supplement) (Medigap Insurance)

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What is Medigap Plan B for Seniors?

As you turn 65, you are likely to be bombarded with information about Medicare coverage plans. One of the options available is Medigap Plan B. But what is it and how does it benefit you as a senior? Let’s take a look at what Medigap Plan B provides in terms of coverage and why it may be beneficial for seniors over 65.

What Does Medigap Plan B Cover?

Medigap Plan B covers many basic medical needs that Medicare does not cover. This includes paying for coinsurance costs for Part A hospital care, Part B doctor visits, and the first three pints of blood used each year. It also covers hospice coinsurance costs and Part A deductibles. Additionally, this plan pays for skilled nursing facility care coinsurance and foreign travel emergency services.

Why Should I Consider Medigap Plan B?

Medigap Plan B may be a good option if you’re looking for additional coverage beyond what Original Medicare provides. For example, if you need more than just basic medical coverage or are planning to travel abroad frequently, then this plan can help cover the extra costs associated with those activities. Additionally, some people may find that Medigap Plan B offers more comprehensive coverage than other Medicare supplement plans while still being affordable.

Overall, Medigap Plan B is an excellent option if you’re looking for additional coverage beyond what Original Medicare provides without breaking the bank. It can help pay for coinsurance costs associated with hospital care and doctor visits as well as provide protection when traveling abroad or using other medical services not covered by Original Medicare. So if you’re turning 65 and trying to decide which Medicare supplement plan is best for your needs, consider giving Medigap Plan B a closer look!

Common Questions about Medicare (Medigap) Plan B